Life is all about waiting,
Which can be frustrating;
Something isn’t coming fast,
No answers like we have asked;
So we stop and take time to think,
Look at the Bible and see the link;
We will always be waiting,
No sense in placating;
We should embrace the journey,
Until bodies have hit the gurney;
Being with God is our experience,
Even as He can be mysterious;
Knowing our waiting can turn ugly,
With sin we can become all snugly;
So we look in the mirror to see,
God is gifting us a wonderful key;
It isn’t God we are chasing after,
Instead it’s our personal laughter;
Our waiting is really about me,
Which is why we don’t feel free;
Turning to Jesus with our gaze,
We see through our foggy haze;
Jesus is our author and perfecter,
He is our empowering director;
Jesus did perfectly obey,
Therefore we do not dismay;
The Spirit will help us wait,
As our eyes on Jesus fixate;
Because He has loved us great,
Trust and obey we integrate;
May Jesus through us permeate,
His love surely does motivate!

Read the post inspiring this poem here.

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New City Catechism Question 2

Question two: What is God?
Not “who” but “what” may seem odd;
Everyone and everything He sustains,
His power and perfection forever reigns;
He is eternal, infinite, and unchangeable,
His goodness and glory are unexplainable;
With wisdom, justice, and truth He wills,
No part of His creation He does not fills;
All the nations bring glory to His name,
All things will result in His great fame!


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New City Catechism Question 1

What is our only hope in life and death?
We are not our own including every breath;
But we belong, both our body and soul,
To our Savior Jesus Christ, whom we extol;
In life or death, we belong to the Lord God,
He purchased us, even though we are flawed;
Since we are His, He can do as He wills,
Our hope in Christ will give us the thrills!


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They Are Yours

Learning they are Yours.

When we see new life at birth,
It points to something of great worth;
Another’s pain and poured out blood,
Brings new life to this earthly mud;

That’s where the story does change,
God ordained a great exchange;
Those little ones that we love,
Belong to Him who sits above;

Learning they are Yours.

Though distance does exist,
And family that we have missed;
We do hope to see others again,
Even forgetting what could have been;

That’s the way this life goes,
Putting our trust in Him who knows;
He forsook His Son on the cross,
Giving us hope in His great loss;

Learning they are Yours.

We think we know what is best,
So we pray with our daily request;
Soon we see a different plan in place,
Accepting by God’s amazing grace;

All those that we love far and near,
One day God’s plan will be crystal clear;
When we all together will behold our King,
Giving Jesus our praise as we eternally sing!

Learning they are Yours.

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The Just and Justifier

What did Moses leave behind?
Was it something we could find?
The story in Exodus expanded our view,
Making God great and letting us see anew;
Moses left us a treasure trove,
Over time heating up like a stove;
Where God is our Savior and Holy,
Bringing deliverance from the lowly;
Redeeming a people for His own,
To declare His name to make it known;
While Exodus can be a fun read,
It points to something we all need;
A person willing and able to take our place,
A Mediator who can impart God’s grace;
Taking our place in the judgment seat,
Bearing the load of God’s wrathful heat;
Exodus presents Jesus as that man,
The True Passover Lamb according to plan;
Jesus died as our substitute,
Without him we are destitute;
Therefore God is both justifier and just,
More than worthy to give Him all our trust;
Now we leave behind what we have received,
Our gospel and life because we have believed;
Let our words and lives be about His praise,
With every waking moment all our days!

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Tabernacle of God

How do we receive God’s presence?
Surely there would be great pleasance;
To know that God dwelt in our midst,
So close to us like we were kissed;
The Israelites realized they wanted this,
Needing God’s presence they did not dismiss;
They were told the tabernacle held God,
God’s physical presence made them awed;
Moses was given very detailed instruction,
For the tabernacle and its precise construction;
God must be worshipped in a specific way,
The Israelites understood this in their day;
So the Israelites built as they were commanded,
Because God equipped them for what He demanded;
But the tabernacle reminded them of Eden,
Something even better than the country of Sweden;
To get back to Eden meant going under the sword,
Thankfully there was One, Jesus, our Savior and Lord;
By His blood we are now given access,
To enter the Most Holy Place with gladness;
Where God is now inside our bodies,
He is transforming even our hobbies;
Therefore we stir one another every day,
To love and good works until that great Day;
Where God will tabernacle in our midst,
Face-to-face we will eternally exist!

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Hope of Glory

What do we find that we can distinguish?
Is it only our sin that we must extinguish?
We have no power to pay that price,
Our lives are trying to always be nice;
None of this distinguishes our lives,
We seem like normal husbands and wives;
The world can’t tell to whom we belong,
We all appear singing the same song;
But Moses knew what we all needed,
It was this that he constantly pleaded;
He prayed and wanted to see God’s glory,
As evidence that he was part of His story;
Moses didn’t want only God’s blessing,
He wanted God Himself for his possessing;
Moses got a taste of what we now receive,
Jesus Christ in us for all who would believe;
Jesus is God, who became flesh to see,
He is the glory of God in you and me;
Now by the Spirit we behold His face,
Being transformed by His wonderful grace;
Distinguished now with Jesus in our heart,
Everywhere we go, we are never apart;
Therefore we have hope that will never fade,
Because our penalty has been forever paid;
We have a Savior who is full of truth and grace,
Let us proclaim Jesus boldly in every place!

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