Easter Is True

While dark the women walked to the Tomb,
Their souls downcast, dreary, and full of gloom;
The despair they felt the last few days,
Drowned out all hope among their malaise;
But as they could see from a distance,
Something must have happened with assistance;
The stone in front of the Tomb was rolled away,
They wondered that something must have gone astray;
Two men appeared with clothes so bright,
Causing the women to bow in their fright;
The men asked why they search for living among dead,
Jesus had risen just as he promised and said;
The Tomb was now empty and all was not lost,
God had brought life through the expensive cost;
Hopelessness of yesterday was now gone,
The ugly duckling turned to a beautiful Swan;
Jesus Christ suffered and died for you and me,
Because He loved us He chose to set us free;
Easter is now permanently in our history,
So we enjoy the benefits of that mystery;
Where the Son of God came down from glory,
To become like us and enter our failing story;
He took the punishment our penalty deserved,
Giving us His righteousness that He preserved;
By amazing grace granting us eternal entrance,
The Holy Spirit empowers with every remembrance;
So we celebrate this day that Adam and Eve looked to,
Rejoicing that Jesus is Risen is amazingly true!


About Nathan Krupke

Made righteous by Jesus Christ, saved by God's amazing grace, being sanctified by His Spirit, husband, father of three, and a CPA by trade.
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