God Is Always At Work

We trust that God is always at work,
Though our affliction always does lurk;
The Israelites experienced this firsthand,
It appeared that God’s head was in the sand;
A command was given for all sons to die,
But the daughters gladly made it go awry;
Jochebed saved Moses following the law,
Pharoah’s daughter saved because she saw;
Her heart was filled with compassionate grace,
Moses would now live in a different place;
Raised in his history by his mother,
Becoming an adult under another;
Knowing that he was called to deliver,
But needing to wait on the True Gift Giver;
Taking matters into his own hands,
Moses tried to deliver with his own plans;
Egypt and Israel both utterly rejected,
Moses landed in Midian utterly dejected;
But God’s sovereignty was clearly intentional,
As His Providence was seemingly incidental;
God heard the cry of His people in prayer,
Working because He was intimately aware;
Using rejection God would bring salvation,
But it came through Christ and His incarnation;
Despised and rejected by sons and daughters,
Bearing God’s wrathful, grief-stricken waters;
We can trust God as we daily cry out,
Even as our hearts want to nothing but doubt;
Moses points us to Jesus, who is better and true,
Our Deliverer has graciously made us new!


About Nathan Krupke

Made righteous by Jesus Christ, saved by God's amazing grace, being sanctified by His Spirit, husband, father of three, and a CPA by trade.
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One Response to God Is Always At Work

  1. Kris Dewees says:

    I love this. As the true word shows us
    The history of our faith may we be faithful knowing that God is in the journey no matter the questioning human condition. Thanks Nathan.


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