Tabernacle of God

How do we receive God’s presence?
Surely there would be great pleasance;
To know that God dwelt in our midst,
So close to us like we were kissed;
The Israelites realized they wanted this,
Needing God’s presence they did not dismiss;
They were told the tabernacle held God,
God’s physical presence made them awed;
Moses was given very detailed instruction,
For the tabernacle and its precise construction;
God must be worshipped in a specific way,
The Israelites understood this in their day;
So the Israelites built as they were commanded,
Because God equipped them for what He demanded;
But the tabernacle reminded them of Eden,
Something even better than the country of Sweden;
To get back to Eden meant going under the sword,
Thankfully there was One, Jesus, our Savior and Lord;
By His blood we are now given access,
To enter the Most Holy Place with gladness;
Where God is now inside our bodies,
He is transforming even our hobbies;
Therefore we stir one another every day,
To love and good works until that great Day;
Where God will tabernacle in our midst,
Face-to-face we will eternally exist!


About Nathan Krupke

Made righteous by Jesus Christ, saved by God's amazing grace, being sanctified by His Spirit, husband, father of three, and a CPA by trade.
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