The Just and Justifier

What did Moses leave behind?
Was it something we could find?
The story in Exodus expanded our view,
Making God great and letting us see anew;
Moses left us a treasure trove,
Over time heating up like a stove;
Where God is our Savior and Holy,
Bringing deliverance from the lowly;
Redeeming a people for His own,
To declare His name to make it known;
While Exodus can be a fun read,
It points to something we all need;
A person willing and able to take our place,
A Mediator who can impart God’s grace;
Taking our place in the judgment seat,
Bearing the load of God’s wrathful heat;
Exodus presents Jesus as that man,
The True Passover Lamb according to plan;
Jesus died as our substitute,
Without him we are destitute;
Therefore God is both justifier and just,
More than worthy to give Him all our trust;
Now we leave behind what we have received,
Our gospel and life because we have believed;
Let our words and lives be about His praise,
With every waking moment all our days!


About Nathan Krupke

Made righteous by Jesus Christ, saved by God's amazing grace, being sanctified by His Spirit, husband, father of three, and a CPA by trade.
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