Life is all about waiting,
Which can be frustrating;
Something isn’t coming fast,
No answers like we have asked;
So we stop and take time to think,
Look at the Bible and see the link;
We will always be waiting,
No sense in placating;
We should embrace the journey,
Until bodies have hit the gurney;
Being with God is our experience,
Even as He can be mysterious;
Knowing our waiting can turn ugly,
With sin we can become all snugly;
So we look in the mirror to see,
God is gifting us a wonderful key;
It isn’t God we are chasing after,
Instead it’s our personal laughter;
Our waiting is really about me,
Which is why we don’t feel free;
Turning to Jesus with our gaze,
We see through our foggy haze;
Jesus is our author and perfecter,
He is our empowering director;
Jesus did perfectly obey,
Therefore we do not dismay;
The Spirit will help us wait,
As our eyes on Jesus fixate;
Because He has loved us great,
Trust and obey we integrate;
May Jesus through us permeate,
His love surely does motivate!

Read the post inspiring this poem here.


About Nathan Krupke

Made righteous by Jesus Christ, saved by God's amazing grace, being sanctified by His Spirit, husband, father of three, and a CPA by trade.
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