Why Do We Have Rules?

Why do we have rules?
To make us look like fools?
No, there must be another reason,
Something suitable for every season;
What if rules were for our joy?
Something more than a fake toy;
Instead they point to who God is,
When we obey, we are clearly His;
For the Law of LORD in Exodus,
Shows God’s grace and excellence;
Giving us good works to daily do,
Sanctification with a heart made new;
For God is compassionate and jealous,
He desires every part of us to be zealous;
For Him alone is to be our delight,
The Law of the LORD can actually excite;
As we see Jesus perfectly fulfilling the Law,
Accounting to us His righteousness for every flaw;
Therefore joy is fulfilled in our hearts,
As Jesus fulfills the law and all it parts;
Making a way by the Spirit for present Union,
To look forward with hope to face-to-face reunion!

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Jesus Is Lord!

When you think of God what do you see?
Do you think He is like you and me?
He is the amazing One God, made of three,
The unexplainable perfect Trinity;
Our life depends on what we believe,
God has given so much to receive;
The Israelites received God’s perfect law,
But it was the LORD who inspired their awe;
After salvation they were called to obey,
For their enjoyment so they would not stray;
For in obedience is gracious blessing,
Exciting grateful love worth expressing;
In God’s law we see three obligations,
God, family, neighbor declarations;
But it’s the first commandment that we break,
When we break any others for our sake;
For we are giving ourselves the place of rule,
Proving indeed we are the ungracious fool;
For there is One who deserves our adoration,
It is Jesus Christ who purchased our salvation;
He was given all authority in heaven and earth,
Therefore His value has incomparable worth;
So when we think of God it is Jesus we see,
He is Lord of our lives, and who has set us free;
Let us trust Him with our undivided hearts,
By the Spirit with grace-given gospel smarts!

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Faith, Hope, and Love

In three events of Moses and Jethro,
Faith, hope, and love put on a great show;
We see Moses heavy hands of struggle,
Aaron and Hur came to help him juggle;
Jethro had an offering and feast to celebrate,
Because what the LORD provided did resonate;
Moses served the people by being their judge,
Jethro gave advice to make it more than a trudge;
In all three cases we see the need of community,
Displaying faith, hope, and love with Spirit unity;
Faith is by remembering with persistent prayer,
And Jesus is interceding because He does care;
Hope is all about what God has done,
Therefore we look ahead to the victory won;
Love is serving one another in freedom,
Jesus paid the price for the sin of Eden;
How can we have faith, hope, and love?
Through the One who has come from above;
For Jesus died with love as our Banner,
That we may live Christ in every manner!

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Grumbling Prayers Answered

Will you trust, test, or try?
Do you ask out loud, “But why?”
All our hearts want to grumble,
Our thoughts causing us to stumble;
Living the opposite of humble,
We constantly seem to fumble;
But God listens to grumbling prayers,
He is intimately involved in our affairs;
There is a reason for the wilderness,
To highlight our hearts’ impureness;
Causing us to seek the kingdom of God first,
Especially when we seem to hunger and thirst;
For we are being taught how to live,
On every word that God does give;
This is our life after our justification,
Learning to trust during our sanctification;
No longer do we put God to the test,
Jesus has put all questions to rest;
Standing trial and taking our penalty,
Forever changing a believer’s destiny;
Now we can do more than just try,
Because we have abundant supply;
God’s grace has been implanted,
As our hearts have been enchanted;
By our Savior who lived as we should,
Granting us righteousness for our good;
Satan and the wilderness were no match,
Jesus has given us much more than a patch;
Therefore we trust God with new hearts,
Looking to the Day when we have new parts;
Let us remember the Giver more than things,
He is the Lord of lords and the King of kings!

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The Passover Lamb

Should we care about the Passover?
Or remember it like a hangover?
No, from it we have much to learn,
For Passover is not something we spurn;
We see things that point ahead,
Ultimately to Christ’s blood shed;
God came down to enact judgment,
To kill the firstborn as punishment;
For not listening to the previous nine,
They were plagues given as a sign;
Of God’s patience for repentance,
Before the tenth’s final sentence;
But Pharaoh did not listen,
His pride did indeed glisten;
So death reigned in every home,
God came in order to roam;
If He did not see blood on the door,
Death to the firstborn He did pour;
Israelites saved by the blood of the lamb,
Ate roasted lamb and herbs instead of ham;
A day came when John declared,
“The Lamb of God” to all he shared;
Jesus, the Passover Lamb, has been given,
He is our substitute, we are forgiven;
Therefore we create an oasis of remembrance,
Until the Day we feast in His eternal presence;
We thank God for giving us His Son,
Joyfully satisfied because He won!

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Why God Sent the Plagues

Why did God send the plagues?
Did Egypt have failing grades?
Instead it was to make Him known,
For His Great Name is to be shown;
There is no one like our God the Lord,
For He should be continually adored;
God promises to be forever in our midst,
He is always working even if we missed;
People can clearly see His power displayed,
Shock and awe causing us to be dismayed;
But His people have been given a calling,
To declare Jesus to all of us who are falling;
We find a difficult truth at work though,
Sin is deceitful and causing us woe;
But be encouraged as we can communicate,
With the Creator God who does rejuvenate;
Therefore we fulfill our calling and avoid sin,
Because Jesus took sin’s darkness in his skin;
All of God’s wrath for sin of all of time,
Was given to Jesus as though it was his crime;
Satisfying God means satisfaction is given,
We can experience joy because we are forgiven;
Let us love one another with our whole lives,
Because Jesus loves us and His love survives!

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Our Father Knows All Things

Father, You know all things,
You know what life brings;
You know the children in Africa,
You know the children in Alaska;

You know what our hearts think,
You know what makes us sink;
You know our worries and doubts,
You know our selfish pity pouts;

But You know how to make death life,
You know how to make peace from strife;
You know how to receive all the glory,
You know how to make good in our story;

You know our sin brings us death,
You know our sin takes away breath;
You know our selfish insecurities,
You know our good stained by impurities;

Yet You know we needed Jesus Christ,
You know we need Your wrath sliced;
You know children all over the world need You,
You know we needed our lives made new;

You know what today will bring,
You know we struggle with You being King;
You know we lose focus in our daily pain,
You know we fight submitting to Your reign;

You know You have given Your Holy Spirit,
You know we live based on Jesus Christ’s merit;
You know that indeed You are King of kings,
Therefore, You truly do know all things!

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